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WS Run Webcast Support Schedule

Webcast Schedule Notes

  1. Checkpoint opening and closing times are based on past experience.
  2. Actual closing times will be dictated by the circumstances in the event at the time. In general, laptop coverage at a checkpoint ceases when the mounted sweep riders arrive.
  3. Assignments are negotiable! If the confirmation box after your name is not yet checked, please contact the webmaster.

2012 Schedule
Updated 6/16/2012

Checkpoint Report Mode Net Connection Start End Volunteer Firm Comments Shirt
Squaw N/A ftp 0800 FRI 1300 FRI Joe McC. runner ID photographer L
Richard G. photo assist, post-process & upload photos to webcast site L
Ted K. L
Scott H.  
Escarpment none none 0530 SAT 0630 SAT     No coverage planned  
Lyon Ridge HAM voice none 0500 SAT 0930 SAT     Radio Schedule  
Red Star HAM voice none 0630 SAT 1030 SAT     Radio Schedule  
Duncan Canyon WinLink
/HAM voice backup
WinLink to email gateway 0700 SAT 1230 SAT     See Radio Schedule  
Robinson Flat Web
/HAM voice backup
smartphone 0825 SAT 1445 SAT Glen/WA7SPY See Radio Schedule  
Rich L. iPhone
Richard G. Laptop
Millers Defeat WinLink
/HAM voice backup
WinLink to email gateway 0900 SAT 1540 SAT Rick, N6KLB    
Dusty Corners HAM voice none 0930 SAT 1645 SAT     See Radio Schedule  
Last Chance HAM voice none 1030 SAT 1800 SAT     See Radio Schedule  
Devils Thumb WinLink
/HAM voice backup
WinLink to email gateway 1100 SAT 1930 SAT     See Radio Schedule  
El Dorado Creek HAM voice none 1200 SAT 2115 SAT     See Radio Schedule  
Michigan Bluff (Chip Timer Pad) Web WiFi/cable to DSL in local residence 1230 SAT 2230 SAT Neil M. MB Webcast Coordinator L
LaVerne M.   M
Ryan M.   L
Rich L.    
Bath Road none none 1315 SAT 0015 SAT     See Radio Schedule  
Foresthill (Chip Timer Pad) Web WiFi to LAN at FH Middle School 1300 SAT 0030 SUN Steve G. FH Webcast Coordinator, has smartphone  
Scott E.    
Dardanelles (Cal-1) none none 1330 SAT 0130 SUN     no coverage planned  
Peachstone (Cal-2) HAM voice Possible WiFi to Cellcard 1400 SAT 0300 SUN     See Radio Schedule  
Ford's Bar (Cal-3) none none 1430 SAT 0400 SUN     no coverage planned  
Rucky Chuck (Near) Web WiFi to Cellcard 1500 SAT 0600 SUN José R.   L
Justin R.    
Katie W.    
Jonathan B.    
Rucky Chuck (Far) none none 1500 SAT 0600 SUN     See Radio Schedule  
Green Gate HAM voice none 1545 SAT 0630 SUN     See Radio Schedule  
Auburn Lake Trails Web /HAM voice backup WiFi to DSL in local residence 1700 SAT 0800 SUN     See Radio Schedule  
Brown's Bar HAM voice none 1830 SAT 0900 SUN     See Radio Schedule  
Hwy 49 Crossing Web /HAM voice backup WiFi to Cellcard (phone line backup) 1830 SAT 1000 SUN Michael G.    
No Hands Bridge none none 190 SAT 1045 SUN     See Radio Schedule  
Robie Point Web smartphone 1915 SAT 0500 SUN Tim M. has smartphone; son is helping  
0500 SUN 1130 SUN Steve G. has smartphone M
Finish Line (Chip Reader Pad) Web WiFi to Placer HS LAN 2000 SAT 1200 SUN Stan J.    
Net Control Web WiFi and Ethernet to DSL 0500 SAT 1200 SAT Pete D.    
0900 SAT 1200 SAT Ted K. DB Tech
On call, entire event
1200 SAT 2200 SAT Richard G. Webmaster
On call, entire event
0900 SAT 1800 SAT Kari N.   XL
Peggy L.    
noon SAT 2100 SAT      
1500 SAT midnite SAT Aaron P.    
1800 SAT 0300 SUN Janelle P.    
midnight SAT 1130 SUN Pete D.   L
0600 SUN 1130 SUN Richard G. Webmaster  
Net Control N/A N/A 0500 SAT 1600 SAT Mark F. Ass't RD  
1600 SAT 2000 SAT Tony R.  
2000 SAT 1200 SUN Bill H.  
2200 SAT 0200 SUN Denis Z.  
0200 SUN 1130 SUN Tom W.  
Checkpoint Net Access Connection Start End Volunteer Firm Comments Shirt