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Tevis Ride CP Schedule

CP Schedule Notes

  1. Until we get close to the event, volunteers are shown here at checkpoints based on their choices and where we believe we'll have the greatest need. This may appear to result in duplications, however it does make visible those sites that are either unstaffed or over staffed. We'll adjust the assignments as we get closer to the event, and all changes will be discussed with volunteers in advance. Except for Lyon Ridge, please do not adjust your preferences just because someone else is shown with the same assignment -- many volunteers have several preferences and we will sort this out closer to event time.
  2. Licensed volunteers who are also EMT's, RN's, or with other medical credentials and are willing to provide medical assistance will be scheduled based primarily on the needs for medical skills, and secondarily on communications needs.
  3. Opening times are based on past experience.
  4. Closing times are estimates based on past experience. Actual closing times will be dictated by the circumstances in the event at the time. In general, a checkpoint will close when the mounted sweep riders have departed and have reported reaching their "no-return" point -- about 30 minutes.
  5. Saturday times are listed in normal font; Sunday times in italic font.

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