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Red Star Ridge

Red Star is the first place where the runners and riders are spread out enough to be able to collect arrival times for all.

The location of the checkpoint for the Run differs by about 2 miles from that used by the Ride. For the Run, the trail crosses Forest Road N43 at the checkpoint and continues toward Duncan Canyon.

For the Ride, the Red Star checkpoint is located along Soda Springs road, about a mile from where it branches off of Road N43.

Both checkpoint locations are remote. Best access is via Robinson Flat from the Foresthill Divide Road. Soda Springs road is often nearly impassible from Spring to mid-Summer, and 4WD high center vehicles are strongly recommended.

Do not approach this area from the North via Soda Springs Road unless you have lots of spare time: It is not a short cut.

Red Star Ridge requires VHF and UHF mobile capability with a Good Mobile, Base Station or Yagi Antenna. Must have Battery or Generator power only.

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