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Robinson Flat

Robinson Flat is a large and very busy checkpoint.

Crew and spectator access by vehicle is allowed here, and consequently there is a lot going on. You can expect to be questioned by crews and public about the status of specific runners, and in general, you won't have that information to dispense to them! This can be frustrating both for them and the operators, and good public relations skills are a big help.

Robinson Flat (7,000' elevation) is accessed by following Foresthill Rd from Auburn, about 1-1/2 hours drive past Foresthill. The pavement ends at Robinson Flat. An unpaved road continues northeast along the divide, known as Baker Ranch-Soda Springs Road. Tevis riders arrive at Robinson via this road. Runners arrive via the trail out of Duncan Canyon.

There is a campground at Robinson Flat with water and chemical toilet facilities. Many of the checkpoint staff go up on Friday and stay the night. A camping permit is required and can be obtained from the USFS Ranger Station in Foresthill.

For the Ride, Robinson Flat is a mandatory 1hr Vet Stop, and all of the Vet Check and Out Timer activities are located in the equestrian campground, approximately 100yds from the In-Timer and Radio Operators. The communications crew here really needs several people, and if unlicensed personnel are involved, we recommend using FRS radios.

Robinson Flat is also the location where a portable UHF repeater is used. The communications team is responsible for pickup, transportation, setup, takedown, and return of this repeater.

Robinson Flat requires Dual-Band Handheld along with VHF and UHF mobile capability with a Good Mobile, Base Station or Yagi Antenna. Must have Battery or Generator power only. A portable WiFi Network is setup to transmit Runner/Rider information to NCS.

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