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Rucky Chuck Farside and Green Gate

The Greengate checkpoint is located part way down Sliger Mine Road, a steep dirt road, often rutted if the winter was unkind. 4WD vehicles are recommended.

The Rucky Chuck Farside checkpoint is located at the extreme end of Sliger Mine Road, directly across the river from the main Rucky Chucky Aid Station.

Rucky Chuck Farside is the point where the runners leave the river, and most will be doing it at night. They will be tired and possibly disoriented. It is not uncommon for a runner to decide at the near side to continue, only to give up on the far side after fording the snowmelt-cold river.

Rucky Chuck Farside requires VHF and UHF mobile capability with a Good Mobile, Base Station or Yagi Antenna. Must have Battery or Generator power only.

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