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Net Control Station (NCS)

The radio NCS is co-located with the Event Control Center at Overlook Park in Auburn. Each shift has a primary voice operator, one or more Assistant operators, and a mounted sweep operator on duty. Database/Webcast volunteers also operate at NCS.

The NCS location is in a modular building at the Auburn "Overlook," next to the skateboard park. Surface roads in Auburn are confusing to follow. A suggested route from Interstate 80 to the Finish Line and NCS areas is shown in green below.

Event Control has an assigned event official ("RD2") whose primary function is to make command decisions in any emergency situation where the Ride/Run Director is out of reach. Event control is the site from which the event webcast emanates.

All radio and computer equipment for NCS is provided. It helps a lot, however, if you have a dual-band HT for monitoring network traffic while you take your breaks outside the building.

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