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Lyon Ridge

Lyon Ridge is remote, difficult to reach and is over 7,000 feet in elevation. Access is made via Soda Springs Road and a series of logging roads, all of which are 4WD/high-clearance-only and very steep in places.

It is the first full checkpoint the runners and riders encounter. They arrive early in the morning and are all still fairly bunched up, making the checkpoint work very hectic.

There is a long-standing crew who work this checkpoint each year and have the drill down pat. As long as they are available and willing to do it, Lyon Ridge is their turf. Thus, we do not recommend listing Lyon Ridge as one of your choices unless you have worked there before.

Lyon Ridge requires VHF and UHF mobile capability with a Base Station or Yagi Antenna. Must have Battery or Generator power only. Plan on going up on Friday night and campout. CKPT Crew has a BBQ and pre-event party. Must have shovel, water and flagging (For Helo wind sock). Must have a radio that can transmit on CALCORD. See Operations Summary for details.

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