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Foresthill is a large and very busy checkpoint for both the Run and the Ride.

The Foresthill checkpoint for the Run is in the parking lot in front of the elementary school in downtown Foresthill (about 17 miles from Auburn).

The Ride checkpoint is about 1/2 mile north of town at the old millsite next to Bath Road. Scroll down to view checkpoint layout for Tevis Ride.

Crew and spectator access by vehicle is allowed at both locations, and consequently there is a lot going on.

You can expect to be questioned by crews and public about the status of specific runners, and in general, you won't have that information to dispense to them! This can be frustrating both for the crew and the operators, and good public relations skills are a big help. Always direct them to the status boards that are maintained using current info from the webcast website.

Foresthill is also the site to which all runners and riders who drop out up trail are transported. Consequently, nearly every crew member and family member will be there.

Foresthill requires VHF and UHF mobile capability with a Good Mobile, Base Station or Yagi Antenna. Must have Battery or Generator power only. Runner progress is also reported to NCS via an Internet connection at this location.

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